Breslau : 2 BFGoodrich® girls in the starting blocks


As usual, BFGoorich® will be part of the 2017 Breslau-Balkan rally taking place in Bulgaria from September 16 to 23, This year, on the starting line mother and daughter Léa and Isabelle will be defending the colors of the now renowned Gauthier family in the SSV category.

Women…and family power
After 4 editions teaming up with her father, Léa, 22, the only women pilot, will be lining up this year with her mother Isabelle as a co-pilot. Adrenaline bred Léa is used to the Breslau-Balkans podium but this will be her first race being100% behind the wheel during the whole 8 days and 2500 km rally from Albena to Shkorpilovtsi. A first also for Isabelle, 55, as a Breslau contender and a come-back for the experienced co-pilot who has not sat in the right-hand seat since 2003.

A mix of BFGoodrich® tires for mixed terrains - what else?
The Bulgarian ground, renowned for terrain diversity, will be as demanding as ever both for the competitors and their equipment. Especially as this year, racers will be exploring completely new territory to the west of the Black Sea with additional sandy tracks.

Like the last 3 years, continuing a great partnership, the Gauthier’s Yamaha YXZ1000 will be on 4x4 BFGoodrich® tires with a mix of BFGoodrich® All Terrain T/A KO2 on the front for their great flexibility and grip, and BFGoodrich® Mud-Terrain on the back to master muddy, slippery terrains – “With these tires, we never loose grip or get puncture even in the toughest conditions.”

Focused on the challenge
The daredevil ladies speak about a great challenge. And they know their stuff. Léa emphasizes the need for endurance: “I’ll have to stay extremely focused all day long. No distractions allowed.” For Isabelle, it will all be about stamina, perseverance and focus as well: “The Breslau is famous for a particularly challenging navigation with waypoints sometimes as often as every 30 meters. It is really intense.

Confident that their tires will resist puncture issues, Isabelle and Léa are aware of the pitfalls of potential mechanical mishaps…but, leaving nothing to chance, they are training to deal with it and will be #driver enough to overcome this, without a doubt.

We wish them an excellent team work, adventure, speed, fun, love and…great wins.

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